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Eczema Relief Cream

$25.00 $19.99


Eczema Relief Cream

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$25.00 $19.99


Our Eczema Cream Is a top seller!!! That’s because IT WORKS!! It helps relieve stubborn dry skin of redness, itchiness, & reduces dry patches. Customers reported it cleared up their foot fungal issues, hand fungus, and irritated psoriasis after just days.


“I bought an eczema/psoriasis cream from Goodies Organics to treat a foot fungus that I came in contact with almost 6 years ago. I’ve tried several different name brand fungal sprays and medically prescribed topical ointments since the infection and NONE of them have Ever given me the results that this cream has. It even gets rid of the itchiness. It heals and penetrates the skin great and smells good. All natural and organic ingredients. Great Product!”
-Raymond Wingo

Another Satisfied Customer!!

Raymond W. Jr.


This product worked better and faster than the 2 creams doctor gave me, in just 1 week my dry cracking feet are gone this is a great product so folks give it a try it works !!!!!

Greg B.


My mom used eczema/psoriasis cream and cleared it in a week. I’ve used the facial scrub and my skin is smooth and blackhead clear. My daughter has sensitive skin and never a problem with the lotion and body fragrance from Goodies Organics.

Cestlavie McDonough




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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 3 × 2 × 1 in


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